Once upon a time...


...there was a traditional coaching inn on the site of The Horseshoes Inn at Dorrington from its earliest days over 300 years ago. If you look closely, you can still see the original gateposts behind which the horses and carts were kept whilst their weary owners were fed, watered and rested. The core of the building you see today dates back to the 18th century.


Over the past 300 years The Horseshoes Inn has evolved from its coaching inn roots but its name dates all the way to the beginning with a curious old link to the row of cottages to the right hand side of the building which was once a blacksmiths and the street just further on being Forge Way.


Today the Dorrington’s Horseshoes is the hub of this thriving village and offers its customers a modern experience with a bar serving Premium lagers and local ales. Its beautiful gourmet restaurant offers an excellent range of modern dishes and good wines, its bar and conservatory offer convivial spaces to sit and chat with friends over a drink and we’ve retained the old core of the pub so that the locals can enjoy a pint of real ale or a local cider with a game of dominoes or darts.

During the late days of summer its still warm enough to sit out in the garden and enjoy a sandwich with your drink and as the autumn nights draw in, there will be a cosy fire in the hearth. However as you come in the door, just make sure you don’t fall into the wine cellar…

Don’t worry, the glass floor should take the strain!!

Tanya and her manager, Steve Norris would like to welcome you to experience their gourmet restaurant and lounge bar in the lovely village surroundings.


We look forward to meeting you all soon...



Customer's Feedback


Hello Tanya, I would just like to thank you and your staff for a superb meal last night. I am some who loves my food and if it's right I will certainly say. Last night was perfection. Value for money and prefect portion size. The fish cake were lovely. The steak and ale pie was to die for with melt in the mouth steak. Pork medallions, the pork had quality flavour in unlike some which is tasteless before you start. Pudding, the waffle was not sickly and nor the chocolate fudge cake. My daughter loved your homemade chicken nuggets. Which wasn't out of a packet like most places you go. Your staff are friendly, helpful and very polite. It was well worth the 50 minute drive last night. I will certainly be calling again and recommending your food. Thank you.